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What Can We Learn About UX From Real-life? | by Ali ÇORAK | Nov, 2020

What Can We Learn About UX From Real-life? | by Ali ÇORAK | Nov, 2020

Reality and virtual feed off each other

Although users want to find what they are looking for immediately, if they are comfortable on the site, they also like to browse. This depends entirely on their comfort on the site. When they decide to browse the site (instant decision), we get the opportunity to better introduce ourselves or our product/service.

Photo by Max Böttinger on Unsplash — Road Map

We already know that we are inspired by real-life when designing. Let’s take this one step further. Because everything we do on the web has a real-life equivalent. Let’s give an example of an e-commerce site selling clothes. The real-life equivalent of this is a store. When you look at the store, you know what you can find there; this is your identity. They divide the store into sections such as t-shirts and jeans with huge panels; these are your categories/menu items. If you know what you’re looking for but can’t find it, the shop assistant will help you; this is your search button.

Photo by Clark Street Mercantile on Unsplash — Clothing Store

Keep users out of confusion. This is about focus. If you give users a choice of 2 things, they will choose immediately. For example, they can quickly select one of the two categories. But when it goes up to these 5 categories, the thinking time increases. If you show 10 categories, this time they probably won’t choose any of them for a while. Because the choice is now difficult for them.

Membership pages I designed

You don’t need to explain a good joke.

The same is true for a good site. Let everything be clear. Let me admit, I used to love to explain. But unfortunately, many users do not read all the beautiful descriptions we have written and fancy words. Do not think as follows when entering content on the site; ‘site shouldn’t be empty’. We don’t have to explain everything, we’re not doing a seminar after all.

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