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UX of UX interviews. A UX recruiter-candidate perspective | by Rejeesh Rajarethinam | Jun, 2021

Rejeesh Rajarethinam

A UX recruiter-candidate perspective

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UX managers, recruitment teams and panels, future UX managers and panels.

UX is all about providing extremely pleasant experience for the users right? But why a UX interview does not meet that user expectations? I would like to share my recommendations based on my experience as a UX recruiter and as a candidate.

While recruiting, there are many criteria to choose best fit to the role. Always these are quantitative and qualitative metrics that choose a best fit. The qualitative qualities of the candidates are always depending on the recruiter or the groups of recruiters. If the recruiters are convinced both quantitative as well as qualitative (in very less percentage it makes an impact compared to the quantitative criteria).

UX recruiters are UX practitioners. Are they providing a pleasant experience for the candidate on the other end? We should think of this.

Before briefing company expectations from the role, hear what the candidate expects from the role.

UX team have different needs — some times analyzing, some times problem solving, sometimes a good listener, sometimes as good facilitator and so on. Every profile is an essentials for a UX team. Not only the ones who can work on a design tool. Of course it is also essential.

It is always better to hear the aspirations of a candidate from the role in the team. This helps the candidate to express his expectations and the recruiter can understand if that needs is met in the team already or do they need to consider those skills.

No one is a master of all trades

Every human is unique and their perceptions are unique. A candidate should not be validated through the same lens. The recruiter should be capable of being flexible and should try to figure out the best skill out of the candidate.

It is necessary that a UX recruiter should know ho to deal with a candidate like a user of a product. Here recruiters are representing an organization and they should be responsible to give the best experience for a candidate.

A candidate who seeks job in the organization is a invisible customer who can contribute to the companies growth and decline.

Always remember if an organization needs real good people to work for, there should be a human touch in all aspects of the interview process. And this is very crucial especially in a UX recruitment. If UX recruitment in an organization is not up to the mark, what will be the situation of other departments.

4 tips for UX recruitment

See UX candidates as the users, who would like to work with you. Here, they are looking forward to be a integral part of your team.

  1. Always start with an ice-breaking session.

Let the candidate sink with the recruitment team. Ask candidates about his native, home, college etc. Remember to not go too personal. This helps to create a good sense of collaboration between the candidate and the recruitment team.

2. Do understand his level of skills before shooting questions.

Do not try to show off your knowledge to a less experienced or less practiced candidate. Especially to freshers. Use to speak in their level. Do not demotivate them by dumping jargon that are not necessary for his level of expertise.

3. Ask questions based on his design task assignment and the context.

While reviewing the portfolio or case studies, a recruiter should understand the context the design is created. There is always a good question to ask – “If there was more time given, what all improvements or thoughts they could bring in”.

4. Try to capture more of the though process, and not the final Hi-fi Prototype.

If the candidates posses the power to think deeply in the user shoes and they are proved to be a good add-on to the team as a team player, then they are good hire.

Have a good UX hiring experience every one!

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