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Uses of illustration Inside UI Design | by UI Blogger | Nov, 2020

Uses of illustration Inside UI Design | by UI Blogger | Nov, 2020

illustrations are most powerful visuals of all time.. they have the power to express thousands of words.. as the picture is worth a thousand words..

By using illustrations designers can make their design more visually appealing and can attract more users..

We, humans, love illustration.. this is inside our psychology.. our elder uses illustrations to describe complex things with just a simple illustration..

And now designers have the power to use this piece of art inside their design to make it awesome.. and most of the designers using it wisely..

So let’s see some of their design work.. to get inspired and to gain some precious knowledge about uses of illustration inside UI design..

There are plenty of uses of illustration.. because it is so simple and attractive that many companies started using them on advertising also but for now let’s focus on UI design only..

Using the illustration on onboarding screen not only make the first impression better.. but also helps in explaining more complex things with just a single illustration..

Credit: Stacia Lowery

Look at this simple onboarding screen that uses the simple illustration that conveys complex ideas like mix and match or pays together with so simplicity.. that you can understand the idea by just seeing the illustrations..

Credit: Marta Więckowska

Next amazing onboarding screen which has a beautiful illustration that conveys their idea with simplicity and alsomakese the first interaction impressive..

Credit: Google

Google also uses its own illustrations on its Onboarding Screens for making them attractive and explain their idea in a very easy way..

By using illustrations on onboarding you can:

  • Make a great first impression that user will never forget..
  • Help in binding the user with application.. and user doesn’t leave the application instantly..
  • And also helps in conveying the idea with so simple and easy..

But I recommend you to avoid using those stock illustration for your UI design.. if you have a budget then make your illustration.. and also you can hire a few great illustrators from Fiverr.. which is so simple and effective..

Many designers started using illustration on landing pages.. as they give the new attractive look to a simple website..

Credit: Tubik

The illustration can also be used as a hero image.. that helps in conveying the call to action to the user.. just like in above landing page by tubik.. illustration is forcing the user to see the main part of the website..

Credit: Citra Gunasiwi

The awesome landing page that is showing the emotion of a work that feels very happy by using the tool to ease the work..

Credit: Google

Google also uses illustrations as a doodle to express various ideas with simplicity.. you can easily guess the idea behind the above illustration.. yes!! It showing Google’s birthday..

illustrations also help in branding.. by creating a custom illustration or illustrated character you can enhance your brand to the next level..

The most popular example of branding is Google.. as google uses illustrations as google doodle created with their brand colours.. but not only google..

Credit: Dropbox

DropBox also uses these kinds of illustration.. and it also creates a brand among the audience..

Credit: Slack

Another big example is Slack.. it also uses the custom made illustrations for their design that not only helps in conversation but also helps in branding..

So these are my favourite uses of illustrations.. Yes, there are various other options.. and in my view, you can use illustration everywhere inside the design where you want to convey ideas with simplicity..

Thanks for reading.. if you like something then just give us some claps 👏👏 and also check out some other great article on the illustration by other creators..

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