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UI Connect: Alumni App UI/UX Case Study

UI Connect: Alumni App UI/UX Case Study

Registration Process: For the registration process, users will input the email that has been registered in the alumni association’s system. After that, the system itself will verify the email. If it’s verified by the system, user will get an email containing their login info (account and password).

Registration process

Login: For first time login, your own personal profile will be shown first (Full Name, Faculty, Major, and Class Year) as a way to confirming their own personal infos. Users also can setting up their profile by changing their profile picture and filling their job information, if they wanted to.

Login process

Feed: Here are the designs for “flagged” posts based on their respective faculty.

Faculty flags for every posts in UI Connect

The feed will be divided into two tabs, which are:

  • For You: Feed that contains every posts that targeted to user’s personal information, which is faculty and major.
  • All Posts: Feed that contains every post there is.
Feed — For You (Left) and Feed — All Posts (Right)

Add New Post: User can add a new post (New Post or New Event), and they can define their target groups first before posting something. So it’s gonna be up to user themselves to decide: will it be a post for every alumni out here, or maybe it’s for a certain major only.

Add new post

Events: Alumni loves events. Therefore, in order to satisfy their needs for festivities, here is the events feature. Users can bookmark particular event to their liking.

List of Events (Left) and Event Details (Right)

Alumni: Users can find the list of alumni to catch up with, based on the similarity to their personal infos.

Profile card for every alumni
List of Alumni (Left) and Alumni Profile (Right)

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