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Tips for Designing The Perfect Search Box | by UI Blogger | Nov, 2020

Tips for Designing The Perfect Search Box | by UI Blogger | Nov, 2020

If you want to buy a product online.. then there is a very high chance that you’ll go to the shopping site and then type your product name inside the search box.. I always do this..

Search Box helps the user to easily search out the product they want.. not only in e-commerce website.. search box use every website which has lots of content..

People use Search Box to navigate easily to find out the things they want.. they see a search box as a shortcut.. and it is amazing.. but sometimes designers make several big mistakes that ruin the whole search experience of a user..

Therefore I created this article to tell you some tips that you can follow to overcome your mistakes.. and by following them you can improve your user search experience..

Search Box always has to be placed where it’ll be easier to find by the user.. placing search box on the top of your application or website helps the user to easily find it..

Don’t make user search for the search box.. some designers do this mistake and it ruins their design.. so place it correctly..

Amazon’s search box is totally visible and every user who comes first to amazon.com can simply visualise where to search..

But.. if you make you search box too small then the user might get confused where that search box is.. so make it bigger and give it a different color from the background..

Make your search box simple but effective.. don’t add too much animation.. just add an input field and a search button.. making simple search box help user to easily recognise the search box..

Google search box is one of the best examples for simply designed search box.. it indicates the user that you can type any queries inside this..

You have to design various pages to indicate no results when nothing found.. don’t leave it blank.. display a message like 404 error, remove the filter, search again etc..

This small step will help the user to try again.. this will also improve the user experience..

Medium shows 404 error whenever no result was found..

Giving users auto-suggestions helps users in searching the most accurate keyword which leads to most relevant results..

but if Auto-Complete suggestions work poorly it will confuse the user.. therefore try it implement it wisely and test it again and again to check the power of auto-complete search

Amazon offers the autocomplete feature.. which help the user to find the best products

Google also use it very accurately.. to provide users with what they want..

If your website or app contains various types of products and things then it will be better to show a quick Sorting option which shows different options in the drop-down menu..

Amazon uses the drop-down sorting option which helps the user to search in a very specific way..

Freepik also uses the drop-down sorting option for helping the user to find a particular product..

Always show the user the query he typed on the top of the search results.. it will help the user to see what he typed and what he can add new to get the perfect result..

Google show the typed query on the top of the page which helps user to see the results of their actions..

The medium app also shows the typed query on the top.. which is a great UX practice..

Remember to show the search history which helps user in finding out what he has typed earlier.. which also saves the time of a user from typing the same query again and again..

YouTube search box shows history which saves the time of a user..

Bonus Tip: Add the Clear History button for quick history deletion..

If the user doesn’t find the most accurate search results.. it also reduces the overall search experience of a user.. therefore it is very important to show the most relevant and accurate content on the top..

Amazon search algorithm scans the product name, description, review points, selling rate.. to rank a product on the top of the search results.. which help in the better shopping experience and search experience of user..

Tips: list the most accurate content on the top.. it might take some deep coding but it is necessary to make an algorithm that shows the best result..

So these are some tips I recommend to follow for designing a better search box.. I also recommend you to read the article below created by several great writers on the medium for better search box design..

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