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Tips for Designing The Perfect Navigation Bar | by UI Blogger | Nov, 2020

Tips for Designing The Perfect Navigation Bar | by UI Blogger | Nov, 2020

People love using navigation bar.. as it is much easier to use as compare to navigation menu.. many big apps start giving priority to the navigation bar for the ease of use..

But if you use it wrong then the whole user experience will flip upside-down..

Therefore in this article, I’ll give you some UI/UX tips for designing better performing navigation bar for your interface design..

so without any delay lets get started..

By highlighting the current tab, your apps navigation bar will give the feedback to the user about the tab.. which means the user will know where he is exactly.. if you don’t highlight the tab the user might get confused about the tabs..

You can use some colours and micro-interaction for better indicating the current tab..

Google app also has a navigation bar.. which highlights the current tab by changing the icon colour from grey to blue..

You can indicate the current tab using different styles.. as shown by Zsolt hutvagner in the above image..

For web-based applications, it is also very necessary to indicate the active tab for better user understanding..

Using animation or micro animation inside the navigation bar feel better and make the app more engaging.. so it’ll be great to use some motion animations inside your navigation bar..

By adding simple sliding animation and icon micro-interaction you can make your navigation much useful..

Some colour-changing icons and text with animation can make your navigation more engaging..

In a previous tip I suggest you use animation but if you use it too much then it will harm the user experience..

The animation which is big slow can become annoying for the user specifically if user has to quickly skip through each of the screens..

Animation effect can be annoying for the regular user.. just imagine a user who sees such effects each time when he interact with the app..

Sometimes animation looks cool for the first time but when users have to use it daily.. it frustrates them..

Icons with text will take a lot of space inside the navigation bar.. therefore it is very important to know do you have to use text or not.. for better designing decision try to understand your audience..

If your audience has some technical knowledge and can understand the icons without text then definitely go with icons.. and on other case prefer using text also..

I’ll always recommend you to try shorter text and always use Icons that are much more easier to recognise.. for better accessable try to use text with icons..

You can use text and icon with this kind of style.. as it allows user to see text and icon both..

Lets take real-world example of text with icons from Spotify.. in which Spotify uses simple icons with short text under the icons.. that helps user in easily understanding the navigations..

By less I mean try to use fewer icons and less text inside the navigation bar.. the navigation bar have to be filled with most important stuff and features..

Try to use the important feature inside the navigation bar.. and else you can sift to the navigation menu or profile settings..

Spotify uses the settings options for the other less useful navigations.. which is less useful for any user.. and for other key features, Spotify uses navigation bar..

the other reason for fewer things inside the bar is the user thumb.. as if there are too many icons inside the navigation bar.. there is a very high chance that the user will click the wrong icon because of the small mobile screen..

So try to use fewer icons and options.. recommended number is 5 options maximum..

Some designers also like the concept shown above.. which is known as nested options.. but it might make the navigation bar more complex..

Best advice is to stay simple and use less icons and text.. because less is best..

So these are my #5 tips that you can follow for creating the better navigation bar.. I know these are not the only tips on the internet so try to read some other articles for better understanding..

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