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The Remote Workers’ Toolkit by Bardo

The Remote Workers’ Toolkit by Bardo

Here are some of the tools we mentioned on our webinar a couple of weeks ago and some bonus apps that focus on improving our productivity and focus.

Real­-time Communication:

  • Slack for a chat powered workplace.
  • Twist for threaded conversation-centric chat.
  • Google Meet for following up on conversations.
  • Flock for making decisions in chat.
  • Livestorm for webinars with active audience participation.

File storage:

  • Dropbox for really easy online storage and file syncing.
  • Drive if you prefer staying in GSuite.
  • OneDrive offers 1TB of storage with an Office 365 subscription from $6.99/month and comes with the full Office suite and 60 minutes of international calls on Skype.

Project Management Tools:

  • Basecamp is one of the most popular and most highly recommended project management tools.
  • Asana (the one we use) is really easy to manage and is built for teams.
  • Trello has a colorful interface that lets you drag list items around on a virtual Kanban board.

Taking notes, making lists, working collaboratively:

  • Todoist
  • Miro
  • Any.do
  • Evernote
  • Notion
  • MindMeister

Productivity booster apps:

  • OmmWriter
  • Byword
  • Scrivener
  • Cold Turkey
  • Pocket
  • 1Password


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