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The new-age calculator — A Design case study

The new-age calculator — A Design case study

L-R mode (Left-Right mode) is a cool feature that enables the users to switch the UI layout according to their convenience. Almost 10% of the world’s population are Left-handers. But, the UI layout of most of the daily used apps are adaptively designed for Right-handed people where Left-handers are left out during this process.

Ever noticed, how many times you would swipe the side-slider to insert scientific math operators into your calculation? This process drastically reduces efficiency and increases the time spent.

Power options allow users to instantly change a set of operators at once as per the 3 segregations:
• Standard (+,-,*,/)
• Scientific (ln, e, log, π)
• Programmer (√, ^, !, ±)

Copying your answers is quicker than before with Quick copy! This feature enables the user to instantly copy the answers to the local clipboard.

Have you ever wondered, how cool will it be to save a calculation with a name and view it later? This is possible with Quick save, this feature enables the user to instantly save the current calculation with a name and view or edit it later.

Love being dark? Enjoy your new calculator with Dark mode that is sweet on your eyes during your late-night calculations.


The circular shape of the app icon holds the recent Google Material 2.0 logo guidelines for a better look and feel in Android 8.0+ versions. Keeping the logo simple with the letter “C” will make the users remember the name of the app and become familiar with the app quickly!

The main aim of choosing blue as a primary color was to soothe the eyes of users while they use it during the daytime. The Dark grey will support the human eye during nights for a seamless calculation experience!

The font Poppins gives a peppy look to the text logo, making the overall look of the traditional calculator a new life and refreshed look.

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