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The Meaning and Purpose of Art — 1 | by Arup Roy | Jul, 2021

The Meaning and Purpose of Art — 1 | by Arup Roy | Jul, 2021

Again the artwork here is, what it is. It is a banana, and that is what it means. Globally the banana could be a double entendre, a symbol of humour, or just a fruit. In this case it obviously is humour, probably with a hint of satire.

The comedian David Datuna, when he went to see “The Comedian” at an art exhibition, had a very different take on it’s purpose. He ate it. He explained his actions on Instagram: “Art performance by me. I love Maurizio Cattelan artwork, and I really love this installation. It’s very delicious.”

When asked, by journalists, the reason for his obnoxious behaviour, he answered — “The same thing with Duchamp 100 years ago. With my performance, I put my question mark after his question mark. This is just a game between two artists.” [ He of course was referring to Marcel Duchamp’s “The Fountain” which I will cover in subsequent Episodes of the same series.]

Image on left – The Comedian ( author’s version) Photograph of the author’s library; Image on the right from https://metro.co.uk/2019/12/06/banana-taped-wall-sells-120000-top-art-fair-11389284/; original artwork by Maurizio Cattelan; Photo of Maurizio Cattelan and “ The Comedian”.

Learn and Apply: Reading need not necessarily be a serious activity …

Back in my home, my 8 year old daughter and I found this Banana Artwork, extremely amusing and thought of doing our own version of it.

Reading is thought by many as a very serious activity. Some think of it as boring as well. So, we thought of sticking it on our bookshelf, thus using it as a meme and/or inspiration, to encourage ourselves and others to read more and more ….

A lot of the problems of the world can be solved if people read more… ( don’t miss the little reader in the reflection)

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