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Simple UX/UI Fixes That Medium Should Consider ASAP

Simple UX/UI Fixes That Medium Should Consider ASAP

Some publications require you to be added as a writer before you can submit a draft article for their consideration.

Great! But how do you do that? Some publications request you to comment on their Submission guidelines article, some require you to fill a Google form while others want you to write them an email requesting to be added as a writer.

Seriously? Why does this simple task have to be so tedious? Why not add a simple ‘Request to be a Writer’ button by default next to the Follow button on the cover page of every publication?

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This will make life easier not just for budding writers but also for the folks managing the publication. People mediating the publication should have a tab showing new Contributor requests that they can easily Accept / Reject with a simple click!

As a writer, number of followers is definitely an important metric to consider for assessing a publication. But this simple information is very difficult to find. Some publications proudly present this information on their cover page. But most of them don’t show it.

I found out by mistake that this appears in the pop up box when you move your mouse over a publication name.

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However, this again is a hit and miss as the pop up box doesn’t show up every-time. Also, if you are using the Medium app, forget it!

Lets take the example of Medium owned flagship publications to show this inconsistency:

OneZero clearly shows the number of Followers:

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However, Forge does not:

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I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.

– Elon Musk

Medium has provided a wonderful platform and voice for many budding writers to express themselves. However, it is high time Medium brought some professionalism across the board on article review process and feedback loop.

Currently, you could send an article to a publication and wait to eternity for a response. You would receive a feedback only respond if they accept and want to publish your article.

Forget feedback, is a simple ‘Rejected’ notification too much to ask?

Some publications have taken it to themselves to show professionalism and have mentioned that if they don’t respond within a timeline, consider it rejected by default.

To the Medium owned publications I want to say — Please lead by example!

Please do something with the feedback loop issue. This is one topic every writer on Medium is frustrated about.

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