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Service Design for the Circular Economy | by Joost van Leeuwen | Sep, 2020

Service Design for the Circular Economy | by Joost van Leeuwen | Sep, 2020

CE & SD are a match made in heaven

Why Service Design and the Circular Economy are a match made in heaven

The Circular Economy aims to move away from ownership of product and aims to have user needs fulfilled by services. This is precisely the core of what Service Design does; starting with the user and learning about their needs. Based on these needs, we design services that address these directly.

Swapfiets (photo by Swapfiets)

In the process of designing a service, we always take all relevant stakeholders along for the ride. Although we have our own experience in sustainability, we make sure experts on relevant topics are involved throughout the design process.

A big vision only consists of empty words when it lacks a small starting point. Service Design helps with defining the starting points for improving a service. For example, by using a customer journey, it is possible to make an informed decision of which opportunity is most interesting to start with.

One of the prototypes made in the Design Sprint at Sogrape.

Assumptions are the mother of all f*ckups, we all know this. But if you’ve followed Koos for a little bit you also know that Assumptions also are the father of all Mockups. Service Design has the ideal toolkit to avoid huge investments and large and cumbersome projects that take months to set up and execute.

Finally, moving towards a Circular Economy will be a constant transition. Service Design works in iterations, continually testing new ideas and adjusting the service. Even when a service is live and on the market, if properly set up, it is easy to adjust and is resilient to changes going forward.

Service Design and a transition to a Circular Economy are a match made in heaven. By putting user needs at the core, starting small and using a continuous, iterative process, everyone can take steps in the right direction from their own starting point. We are passionate about supporting companies and people to explore this further. If you have any questions about how this might work for you, please give us a call, we’d love to exchange thoughts!

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