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Quick Talk About App Onboarding. How can it be more impressive? | by Ali ÇORAK | Nov, 2020

Quick Talk About App Onboarding. How can it be more impressive? | by Ali ÇORAK | Nov, 2020

How can it be more impressive?

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I always treat onboarding like quick training: In short, this app is about this topic, go, and explore. If you are designing a new app or adding a new feature to your mobile app, you should show the user how it works. While designing the app, we pay attention to everything, test it, and present the final version to the user. What about the onboarding design?

Onboarding is also the first interaction with the user, like a meeting. So design it as an impressive first interaction, not like a quick setup.

Talking about the main purpose of the app, show what you offer to the user for this purpose. Then of course; show how it is used. This will be their road map. Once you’ve done all this right, let the user explore your app. The important thing here is to design an explorable app for users. Keep in mind that a good user experience is more important than onboarding. Maybe google play store or app store tells what the app does. But not every user reads them. You may be thinking about this; “ok but they may not read onboarding either.” Exactly! That’s why it needs to be impressive.

Avoid giving too much information

Provide only important information. If we increase the information, they don’t learn more. It can even be confusing. You may be thinking, ‘But if I give less information, users will not understand my app, I need to give more information.’ In this case, it may be good to check your app design. Maybe your app doesn’t have a more user-oriented interface.


It is sure to be more interesting than static screens. Behind the use of animation is gamification. Animated illustrations, transition effects are interesting. Some examples;

Give control to the user

The skip button must be in the design. Don’t keep them waiting if they don’t want to wait too long. There is no need to wait to have many users for this. Good design is good and bad design is bad in every way. Some apps make our lives easier within seconds. We should be able to skip onboarding when we need to quickly download and use an app. Otherwise, onboarding feels like a thriller to us.


We did not give every information at the beginning, but at some points, the user may get stuck. We must inform the user at such critical points.

In this way, we did not present a stack of information to the user from the very beginning and we help them where necessary.

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