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Product Critique — Moodrise®️ – UX Planet

Product Critique — Moodrise®️ - UX Planet

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I sincerely appreciated such an onboarding, where you have already started the app and are already in one of its main functions.

Communicate the mission

immediately, because to satisfy a need, users, in this case, want to know the short-term benefit.

I find the scientific description extremely relevant.

*Okay, will you help me, how are you different?”

Moodrise®️ responds with a fantastic experience from this point of view.

In 45 seconds

I was able to understand

  • 00–00:15 Exactly what the app does
  • 00:15–00:40 What its purpose is
  • 00:40–00:48 How it wants to do it

…now let’s jump on it!

Check-In is a daily basis update, that we make to keep track of our mood to allow Moodrise to helps us.

We can check-in multiple times a day.

I find it a winning idea because following a mood change we would like to be able to update our status.

1.) ”How do you feel?

Video here

Slider experience

In the beginning, I had a bit of difficulty understanding this interactive experience.

The adjective changes according to the sphere if it is located above or below, to be dragged with your finger.

I would give the first Log-In the opportunity for 5 seconds to show it animate with the icon of a sliding finger.

After the first time, it is very hard to forget.

2. “I’m feeling…”

Video here

Single checkboxes

I particularly liked them.
The ease of reading and copy of all these adjectives are fantastic.

Designed to perfection.

I will have toggled the states a dozen times to see how they react.

It would have been interesting to imagine a different type of *active-state* when there were negatives emotions.

I pleasantly noticed the detail of the app to insert “Negative” feelings such as “Other”, perhaps helps us to feel better.

3.The factors are…

Video here

Objectify the factors

How many times are we self-piloted by describing our emotions?

Moodrise makes us respond by putting negative states at the forefront with a clear description, and then other more specific circumstances.

Less is more.

I find an excellent choice to not add a text field to insert details, like other diary apps.

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