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Overthinking and UX. “Stop procrastinating, and just make a… | by Lakshman Sharma | Mar, 2021

Overthinking and UX. “Stop procrastinating, and just make a… | by Lakshman Sharma | Mar, 2021

“Stop procrastinating, and just make a decision!” said the left hemisphere of the brain to the right hemisphere.

For as long as you can remember, you’ve probably been told to “stop overthinking it.” The words reverberate in your mind like an unwanted echo. Overthinking can lead to getting lost in the complicated rabbit roles of research, where there is no light. Although there are some disadvantages of being an over-thinker like it can take a serious toll on your well-being and also increases your risk of mental health problems, and apart from mental health issues, it creates an infinite loop of possibilities without any implementation moreover it also creates uncertainty and doubt within you.

Overthinking can generate a lot of ideas, but it can also generate a lot of possibilities, which gets entangled in an endless cycle of thought and simulation instead of being implemented. Because there is a fear of failure in place, the greatest ideas the world has ever seen cannot be implemented when overthinking causes a pause in the action. When overthinking begins, even people who are very confident in themselves and their abilities may become very suspicious or unsure. Rather than making a decision, all of the potential consequences are examined. When a decision is taken, there is always a risk. Overthinking breeds such uncertainty that no chances can be taken. To make progress, sometimes you need to make a quick decision. If someone is caught in the process of overthinking a situation, they will delay in making the appropriate decision and can miss the window of opportunity.

Over-thinkers dig into the what’s and why’s of a project from the beginning to the end. Some of the questions are fine, while others aren’t, and a few will need to be vetted beyond the reach of the project. The main thing to remember is that someone is always asking questions and someone is always listening. Because great design is the result of great listening.

Over-thinkers enjoy messing around with other people’s minds. They enjoy speculating about what other people are thinking. Designers who are curious about other people will more easily facilitate the discussion that will help them understand what makes people move. And, in my opinion, over thinkers have a difficult time looking at a single task without knowing what it is related to because they tend to connect everything.

We have a tendency to overthink element placement and minor design decisions, which is fine until you have to put the design into action in the next two days. As UX designers, we must think a lot about the tiny components that can make or break a product’s survival, but we also try to overthink and associate all of the other stuff with it, which is nice only if you don’t get stuck in the loop of endless possibilities and give your inputs on it. Moreover, we still thinking about other people’s choices.

We may also have thought at some stage in our design careers that we were moving deeper into the design but not making anything and that we are starting to doubt our abilities. We don’t even know if overthinking helps us learn.

However, bear in mind that “nothing is flawless.” As designers, we are continually overthinking to build the perfect design, but there is no such thing as a perfect design. Based on what we observe, we can only see the design from our viewpoint. However, since quality is subjective, the design can not seem perfect to others because people have their perspectives.

Done is better than perfect.

If there is one piece of advice I can give you, it is to get it done, send it out, wait for the reviews, and then work from there. Don’t let things simmer by sitting on them. Don’t overthink it to the point that you assume you’re not good enough, or your design would be awful!

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