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Logo Casestudy: Cell Stress & Immunity (CSI) | by Dhananjay Garg | Dec, 2020

Logo Casestudy: Cell Stress & Immunity (CSI) | by Dhananjay Garg | Dec, 2020

Breakdown of how CSI logo was brought to life

In early 2020, I was roped in to design the Laboratory of Cell Stress & Immunity (CSI) logo, a part of KU Leuven (Belgium), Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine. I have always ever designed logos for tech startups, and this was the first time I was about to jump into designing something that is well out of my comfort zone. But having a fair bit of experience and interest in logo designs, I decided to trust in the process and go one step at a time while working with the client in unpacking the expected outcome.

It is always important to remember that the logo is a symbolic representation of the company/brand; and it often requires inspiration and art and research, analysis, hard work, and rigorous testing to design it.

Pencil sketching, Adobe Illustrator

I wanted to do my own research around competitors in this space and color palettes that are not favored in this domain. The logo design is for a lab that focuses on cancer cell death’s immunology, and for starters, I know nothing about this field and its technicality. So I send across a questionnaire to the client to help me steer in the right direction and start building a mood board of shapes, color palettes, and inspirations. Here are the questions that I chose to ask —

  1. What is your Logo Wording — full written name needed for the logo (English/Dutch)? Can you give me a general overview of what you do?
  2. Do you have a tagline or a slogan? Would you like to see it incorporated with the logo?
  3. Can you provide me with a listing of keywords that best sum up an overall impression that the logo needs to convey?
  4. When consumers/clients/customers view the logo, what should be the ideal feeling or emotion you would like them to feel?
  5. What does the logo need to say about your company?
  6. Who is the target audience or intended market?
  7. Are you unique or one of many? (In other words: Does this logo need to compete with existing or similar businesses, or is it is a relatively uncrowded marketplace?)
  8. Can you send me a list of competitors? (Please provide addresses to their websites if available)
  9. What is the type of logo desired? (Mark + Word Type) (Play on Word Type)
  10. How much detailing should be there in the logo? Do you have any particular point of emphasis you want to see in the design?
  11. Where will the logo be used — print, online, signs, or other materials? What are the immediate plans for logo usage?
  12. Is there a certain look that you like (include URLs or company names if possible)?
  13. Are there any elements that you would like to see included in your logo design? What elements from your old identity do you like or dislike?
  14. Do you have any preconceived ideas about the design of your logo?
  15. Are there any images or concepts you DO NOT want to see?
  16. How would you like the typography to appear?
  17. Do you want your logo to include text-only, text and graphic or graphic only? Do you have any specific visual requirements?
  18. Do you have any color preferences or existing brand colors? Do you have any colors that you do not wish to use?
  19. What’s your preferred deadline, time frame, or exact date of completion?
  20. Would you like any additional design services to be packaged with your new logo?
  21. What does your business do? Can you explain your business and who your audience is in simple laymen’s terms? How would you explain your business and what it does to a 5-year-old?
  22. Is there anything else in particular that I should know about? (like what according to you and your business looks like a bad example of logo design)

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