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Is UX Design for Me? How to know if you’ll be happy as a User Experience Designer | by Alexander Rådahl | Jul, 2021

Is UX Design for Me? How to know if you’ll be happy as a User Experience Designer | by Alexander Rådahl | Jul, 2021

Due to the close connection between UX designers and front-end developers (who create the actual code), it is rare for one person to do both jobs simultaneously on any given project. This means there is high demand for skilled practitioners of this craft, leading to higher salary opportunities than elsewhere in the industry. The pros of being a UX designer are creating beautiful and intuitive designs, being on the ground floor of a product’s development cycle, and often working with developers who keep your UX principles at heart.

  • Ability to create beautiful and intuitive designs
  • Affect people’s life by creating intuitive solutions to their everyday problems
  • Job security due to high demand for skilled practitioners of UX
  • Exciting opportunities in the digital world
  • Possible to work with big companies in the industry.

As with many jobs, there are both pros and cons to working as a UX designer. This list is not exhaustive but should give you an idea of what you might expect if you choose this profession.

Firstly, it takes time and patience to design user-friendly interfaces that people can easily navigate without too much frustration or confusion. Skilled designers also need creativity to come up with novel ways for users to interact with their designs while still meeting the needs of the company behind them — which means they have less time for outside interests than other professionals (though some companies offer perks like flex hours). UX designers must stay current on the latest design trends and innovations to stay relevant in their field.

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An excellent example is a previous workplace where they had three UX designers, one UI designer, and 80 + developers. You can simply imagine how hard it is to try to control the whole process and pay attention to all the needed places. This is when you have to be a skilled leader and implement the right design processes and systems to eliminate as many questions as possible and delegate as much work as possible to the right people. (spoiler: this company was not good at this!)

  • There is a lot to learn in the UX field, and sometimes you can feel that you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • There is often a shortage of designers, and your skills and attention can be spread thin.
  • There can be significant frustration and pressure to produce the right design for your client or employer.
  • Many UX designers work long hours, sometimes collaborating remotely with other professionals.

UX Design is a relatively new field, but it has quickly become one of tech professionals’ most popular career paths. The job title may be unfamiliar, but if you love creating beautiful designs and have an eye for detail, UX designer might just be your calling. There are many ways to find out if this is the right career path for you; here are some suggestions:

  1. Talk with people who do UX Design work daily and ask them what they like about their jobs.
  2. Read articles or blog posts (good start, you’re doing this already!) by other designers in this field.
  3. Attend a conference focused on UX Design
  4. Take classes or online courses that teach user experience
  5. Check out books written by experts in this area
  6. Consider your local job market. If UX Design is a trend and employers are scrambling to hire more designers, it might be worth looking into

There is also a lot to consider personally. This should be a job you want to do and not just do it for the money. UX Designers spend significant time at their desks, so you may need to be someone who doesn’t mind sitting alone in an office or studio all day long.

I kind of just fell into this career, as I have been interested in web design since I was 11. I like to create beautiful designs and have a splendid eye for detail. Talking with other UX Designers, reading articles or blog posts by UX designers, attending conferences focused on user experience design are all wonderful ways to find out if this is the right career path for you.

While it can be challenging to break into the world of UX design, there are methods that you can use to get your foot in the door sooner rather than later. Whether you’re a recent graduate with no work experience or someone who has been out of school for many years and is looking for new opportunities, these tips will help you put together an outstanding portfolio and land more interviews.

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  1. First and foremost, create your website or blog: You don’t need anything fancy — just something that showcases your skills and personality (remember: UX designers often have to interact with clients).
  2. Network like crazy! Attend events related to UX design on social media sites, like meetups. Check out Meetup if you’re unsure where to start, and look for UX events in your area.
  3. Sign up for job alerts on UX design-related sites like Indeed or Monster.
  4. Apply to new positions posted by companies that interest you, even if they’re not the perfect fit — think of it as a way to demonstrate your eagerness and dedication.
  5. Participate in contests and challenges, like UX Bootcamp’s UX design challenge.

I started by doing smaller pro bono jobs and slowly started charging with my work. The most important part is to build a visible profile of your work to make you a desirable hire.

UX Design is a fun and rewarding field but also has its challenges. Whether you’re just getting started or looking for ways to improve your skills, we hope this article helped explore the ins and outs of UX design. If you’ve been considering a career change into UX design from another industry, like marketing or advertising, know that there are many resources available to help you get on track with your new adventure!

The best career choice for me is to be a UX designer!

I am so excited because it pays well and has many opportunities. The only downside of this job is the stress. I might have to work from home all day long, but other than that, it’s perfect!

I’m currently working on my book on the subject of CRO and UX, and how they complete each other for a better user experience. This book is for the aspiring UX designer who wants to learn more about CRO and help them in their everyday design work. It’s packed with real-life examples, case studies from Silicon Valley companies, and tips on applying this knowledge to your projects.

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