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Improve your UIs by applying basic Design Principles

Improve your UIs by applying basic Design Principles


Feel comfortable using the Bag icon for Fashion/Clothing brands, and the Cart icon for pretty much everything else.

This is a discussion I’ve seen a few times debated over the interweb, and I’ll share my thoughts here quickly…

Now I understand that the Cart icon is quite distinct and has a strong connection to shopping because, well, it’s a common object used in stores, and that the Bag icon may be easier to misinterpret due to this fact, even though you use bags when you get to the checkout?!? But that’s for another debate.

Personally I feel it depends on what the online store is selling. I’ve always felt that Fashion/Clothing brands seem to be an exception to the rule here. And you only have to take a look at the online stores for Tommy Hillfiger, Gucci, Versace, Dolce & Gabanna, and other clothing brands, be they high, or low-fashion, where the Bag icon now seems to be the de-facto UI choice.

I once read a comment “You wouldn’t use a Cart or Trolley in one of their physical stores” in reference to a clothing brands UI choices. Ok. They have a point. Erm, kind of. Unfortunately the majority of end-users will of course not be thinking this way when they interact with your site, or app. We’re not programmed to think like that when browsing a site.

That being said though, I honestly feel that the Bag icon has become a Learned Behaviour like I mentioned earlier, when it comes to the UI of online stores for Fashion/Clothing brands.

It’s still debatable in some circles this one, so if you’re not 100% cool with it, stick with the Cart icon.

Ok debate over. (For now) Back to it…

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