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How you can work a better way on abstract + Sketch with your team

How you can work a better way on abstract + Sketch with your team

If you work with big or small teams and used Sketch app to Design webs or apps, and manage your projects on abstract, this article is very important for you.

Before everything, I using the tools and I have a different experience about how we can work on these.

Why you should use abstract?

Abstract an awesome tool to manage your projects and files and collaboration with your team and make a review and easy way to build a design system

Don’t worry about files and duplicate and Stop do that.
– Final.sketch
– FinalFinal.sketch
– FinalFinalFinal.sketch
– And export image.Png to teams review your work

You can create the best design system and manage it with the different project and link and you can link different libraries with a lot of projects

You can make more changes on others branch for a member in the team and you can align with him if can make any update on the master file.

You can track any changes and you have the option to re-back to any version when you choose.

You don’t need to use any tool to upload your work to review to other teams and to inspect elements, The abstract has it

We have 2 types to work on abstract

  1. when creating a new project
  2. when creating a new feature or update on an old project
  3. Create a new product
  • Ensure the product name clear enough.
  • Do not create one file that contains all project screens.
  • You should create a file for each part of the project separately.
  • Your files created should have clear names and clear arrange.
  • If you have a project design system, You can link your library with the new project.

2. Create a new feature on an old project

  • Ensure the “branch” name clear enough and explain the feature.
  • Ensure you don’t make any changes or updates outside the range the .feature is running on.
  • Please don’t make any “commit” unless you have done something
  • Ensure the “commit” name explain you have done.
  • After “commit” you can send “request review” to a team member or team leader or PM to review your work and give great feedback.
  • If everything it’s good, we will deliver your work to other teams and merge the “branch”.

Here are some simple rules that will help you if it is the first time to use it abstract

Next time, I will explain some of the steps in detail, combined with pictures and videos, how you will divide your project files and create your own libraries, and how you can take the first steps in building a project scale.

Thanks.. This the first article for me 🙂

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