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How can you get past a ‘creative’ block? | by Yutika Pahuja | May, 2021

How can you get past a ‘creative’ block? | by Yutika Pahuja | May, 2021

Have you ever had those days where you couldn’t figure out how to go about a project or simply do your job?

That’s because you’re most likely experiencing a creative block. The failure to reach one’s own imagination or obstacles to inspiration is known as creative blocks. Authors, singers, dancers, and creators who work in artistic fields are most likely to experience creative blocks, which may last for days, weeks, months, or even years. When creative blocks appear, they may have a negative impact on work, success, and well-being.

However, having one might not necessarily be a bad thing. We are reminded of our individuality through creative blocks. If we creatives have blocks, we also have epiphanies, which suggests we’ve reached into an extraterrestrial source of motivation. When you feel “blocked,” it’s always just your inner self reminding you that you’re capable of more. As a result, it is essentially very important if it encourages us to reconsider our thoughts, the effect they may have on the world if it reminds us that we are special, or if it helps us do our best possible work. It has the potential to bring us to a higher level of sophistication and adherence to our artistic calling, guiding us to pause for the ideal moment to begin our work.

But with that being said, a creative block could get very frustrating, or even career-ending. And if you rely on your creativity to pay the bills and grow your reputation, you can’t afford to be short on ideas or the energy to put them into action!

The method of grappling with a creative barrier by Adam J. Kurtz

There are several possible explanations, including mental blockage, cognitive barriers, personal problems, etc, or even too much or too little information on your project. But, rather than focusing on the issue, let us turn our attention to the solutions to these problems. After surveying, reading, and speaking with creatives, I’ve discovered a shared framework for what helps them and, more importantly, what might help us get through this stumbling block; after all, no one wants to be stuck in this stage for too long.

Creative Blocks:

  • Inspiration
  • Lack of ideas
  • Lack of authenticity
  • Mental blocks and so on…

By doing so, you are not only noting critical facets of your subject but also paving the way for you to see these subjects from a new lens, from a different viewpoint, by being more open-minded.

Note: You could keep adding to the list as time goes by, or you could choose a certain point and repeat the process to delve deeper.

Note: The above-mentioned techniques are ways I found most people find helpful. However, it doesn’t guarantee results. It provides an outlook on how one can go about this situation. Feel free to share your experiences and/or techniques with us in the comment section!

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