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Google’s Material You: New Design System for Android. | by Jaskaran Singh | May, 2021

Google’s Material You: New Design System for Android. | by Jaskaran Singh | May, 2021

There are tons of features like that, which we are going to share now that’ll help you to learn more about Material You from a designer’s perspective, and at last, I’ll share the quick summary so stick for that.

Let’s jump into the most used design feature of Material You..

literally, the whole Material You is filled with rounded corners, where some are fully rounded and others are semi-rounded. Google designer’s now focused on giving UI a smoother look which looks great.

Personally, I feel Google should avoid using different corner radius as simplicity is the key in UI design and by different styled buttons, the UI becomes more complex to look at. I hope google designers will understand it.

Overall the new UI looks smoother and more attractive than the previous one.

As we are using more and more digital products with a different aspect of screens, we as designers have to make our UI design responsive to fit it all and this is a kind of tough and google also get it.

as the number of android devices increasing rapidly, google has to update the material design system.

previously, Google has its material design as the main design system but as the screens are getting more complex like the screen on a digital watch, car display, the upcoming flip-phones, etc. it becomes harder to use such a design system on those complex screens, therefore, google launches an update to its Material design system as Material You which helps in creating Alive and Adaptive design.

Material You have too many shapes some look simple but others look more unique like the rounded one or the one with a curved border. Google designers focus on the new trend which is Shape Trend.

They have various shapes for widgets also, especially the diagonal one and the one which I don’t even know the name of..

Google taking really big steps in changing its Material Design system to a more unique styled one and I’m in support of Google for that.

as someone said “Change is Important”

Google focused on making personal design a lot. The whole design system is about personalization and customization, ad Google now gives you the right to customize your UI just like you want which makes their UI more likable.

Google knows that everyone is different and has different preferences, so why not give them a chance to make their own UI design.

Google calls this “Co-Creation” where the Google team and User will co-create various things that become more personal and amazing.

Material You consist of various Big elements like Widgets, Buttons in the Navigation Panel which makes us choose fewer things but important ones. The main reason behind making elements bigger is to make the whole UI One-Handed for the user.

Now, the notification icon becomes bigger and has fewer but useful options.

the bigger the shapes, the easier it becomes to touch, swipe, slide various elements using your thumb only. Google is viewing this from a UX perspective which is a kind of necessary for better accessibility.

Google focuses a lot on monochromatic and saturated colors in the Material You UI design. This looks impressive to see more tints and shades of colors in the android UI and it’s really a big step for UI change.

the Wallpaper Palette feature is only possible because Google decided to make UI more saturated and monochromatic.

Material You focuses on Bolder Text which makes user read the text more easily which increase the accessibility of the UI design.

Big and Bolder text will become a new design trend of 2021 as everybody now understanding how accessible bold and bigger text is, especially for headings and titles.

  1. Material You is all about Personalization and customization.
  2. Google focuses more on personal stuff like privacy.
  3. More Saturated Colors are used in Material You.
  4. Things become bigger for better One-Handed usage.
  5. UI becomes more responsive.
  6. Things become more Customizable.
  7. New shapes used for buttons, widgets.
  8. Rounded Corners used everywhere.
  9. Material You is in beta so more features might come.
  10. UI becomes more personalized, colorful, and better.

At last, I wanted to end this article by appreciating the efforts the Google team puts in for making something more accessible and stylish. Yes, google picks several things from here and there (like iOS) but it’s okay as we are getting benefits from it.

Thanks for reading, I want to thank you all for 600+followers.

Keep Reading, Keep Designing.

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