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Figma to Flutter. Google created a new tool called… | by UI Blogger | Nov, 2020

Figma to Flutter. Google created a new tool called… | by UI Blogger | Nov, 2020

Google created a new tool called “Flutter” which helps the designer in achieving their dream of making a multi-platform application by just using a single code base..

Flutter use to make application but.. as we all know that app is not usable if the design is missing.. and for all Figma designers.. I have created this article by which you can convert your design into flutter code i.e. Dart with speed..

In this article, I’m going to share some of the ways by which you can convert your design directly into flutter code..

Many freelance flutter developers will like this article because this will ease a lot of their design work.. so without wasting any time lets start..

There are many ways by which you can convert Figma to flutter.. but I’ll only discuss the most appropriate and effective ways that I try and recommend to other..

If you want the easiest and inbuilt method inside Figma to convert your design into code.. than Figma plugins are the most common and effective way..

Some of the best Figma plugins that I recommend for converting Figma to flutter are:

Figma to code is a very powerful plugin that allows you to convert your Figma element into CSS, Swift, Flutter..

For using this plugin you can simply select any element and then you can run the plugin and then it will generate the flutter code for your automatically..

This plugin is specifically made for convert design element into flutter code.. this plugin is quite better than the previous plugin because it is more flutter code centric..

This plugin will give you various options by which you can convert your code into various type of flutter code.. all type of code is the same..

This plugin is one of the new Figma plugin.. that allows you to convert Figma design into flutter.. this is a new plugin.. but it is gaining more popularity among designer.. you can give this plugin a try.. and if you like that comments down below..

The second way that I like using for converting Figma to flutter is using 3rd party tools.. not all 3rd party tools are good therefore I only use few of them.. in this I’m going to share one of my favourite and most useful tool which can ease a lot of your work.. every developer love using this.. and that tool is..

I love supernova.. there is a time when I don’t know anything about it.. but when I read somewhere about and after trying it on my own I found supernova very helpful..

You can use supernova to convert your Figma design into code for Android, iOS, Flutter, Web.. this tool gives more than expectations..

As using Figma plugin you have to convert every element into code one by one.. but by using supernova you can convert the whole UI screen into code..

You can also try this if you’re a mac user.. but don’t worry the supernova is also coming for windows in few months.. supernova web is also coming.. you can check that all updates on the website..

Website Link: supernova.io

I hope you like this article.. it might help in understanding that you can save your time in designing a ui.. and better focus your attention on coding useful stuff..

If you find anything helpful then give this article some claps 👏👏👏

Thanks for reading.

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