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Extracting Diamonds from the Minds of Your Users

Extracting Diamonds from the Minds of Your Users

A short article describing methods and recommendations

Diamonds are your best friend.

As a UX Designer, you are tasked with understanding your users, developing empathy for them, and ultimately synthesizing your research to design a product that will best address their goals, motivations, and/or frustrations.

One important step towards accomplishing this is conducting User Interviews or Usability Tests to allow your users to speak about the topic at hand with their own account/ show you what their experience with the product is like.

After you’ve conducted several (then many) interviews/ tests, how do you consolidate all of the information into precious, overarching insights?

Gollum knows what’s precious to him. How do you figure out what’s precious to you?

It’s a great organizational exercise for parsing a lot of data into high-level insights.

Creating an Affinity Diagram is accomplished by sorting data (facts, ideas, observations, and/ or quotes) into distinct clusters by the overarching theme that defines their relationship (their affinity).

While it can be time-consuming and exhausting if you have a lot of data, the value shines through being able to map out all of it and the connections between different points. You can better leverage your findings when you’ve got it all laid out.

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