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Discover Song in Spotify like Tinder — UX Improvement

Discover Song in Spotify like Tinder — UX Improvement

Discover Weekly Redesign

Discovering a song is not a casual event, it is not just finding a new one. Even though physically it is, something else lies behind those words and it is falling in love with the song. That is how you feel when you find a new one. But;

How do you discover music? Word-of-mouth, friend suggestions, Shazam a song from radio, club or somewhere else? I mostly use Spotify mobile application for listening music and I always try to check “discover weekly” in order to find new music while trusting Spotify has the right algorithm to show me the relevant ones. But to be honest, I like neither UI or UX of the page and I strongly believe it has to change.

Spotify is approaching “Discover Weekly” as a casual playlist, whereas it should give total different experience to the user. The core feeling of discovering something is excitement. You will be fulfilled and happy when you discover something that you like. You will share with your loved ones. You will want to look out for similar things, not the next ones. It’s really not fun and engaging to discover something new on a list. The list has a specific number of items, it gives you a feeling like you could only discover limited amount of songs and I go over&listen those songs like a job. I try to skip and finish the list as soon as possible, so that maybe I will find 2 or 3 songs that I can like. This should not be the experience of finding a new song and it should not even called “discover weekly”.

Current “Discover Weekly” Spotify Page

Spotify should have a feature just for discovering music. The user should go to the that page with excitement. Tinder-like swipe left and right movements can make the process very engaging; you will swipe right songs that you like and the ones you didn’t like to the left. If the user swipes left, upcoming ones should be updated so that I will not have to listen similar songs at all. Showing the number of users who listened the song is great for the experience, because there are both ends. First; when you see a higher number there, you give a chance to the song even though the beginning is not good enough for you. Second, if the number is low and you liked the song; then it feels like you found a treasure. A song that you fell in love but just a little amount of people are aware of it. Everybody knows that moment; you will begin listening the song in a loop and listen at least 15 times until you kill that unstoppable excitement. That low number will cheer you up and you will share the song immediately with the loved ones. This is a great example of how a small element in the UI can make such a difference in terms of UX and it is also very crucial for the algorithm. If you share a song that means you loved it and next songs coming after should be similar to that. Can you imagine having a streak and finding out 3 new songs one after another? I bet you will start using the discover feature more than the Spotify App itself. No matter how, I believe Spotify has to update or introduce a new feature for discovering music in order to give the user the feeling of discovery which will result in high engagement.

I will continue to review common mobile products in terms of UX and features that they lack. So, leave a comment if you like it or if you want a specific product review. Thanks.

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