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Dear Swiggy … – UX Planet

Dear Swiggy … - UX Planet

The overall theme is the bringing simplicity to the homepage. Swiggy’s current layout is similar to Zomato, offering many carousels on the homepage. However the layout works against people short on time and the options overload users seeking to just order food quick.

This is just There are 2 more personalized variants of this design that depend on user behavior but have been omitted here for the sake of brevity.

Bonus points to the design system, almost every component in the redesign was taken from existing blocks via screenshots and it doesn’t break the flow.

Swiggy is a live service, which means the app is .

Over the course of writing the article, Swiggy Go launched, they shipped at least 3 different variants of reviews, improved the location component, are continuously updating the homepage and probably 10’s of small changes I may not have even noticed.

I appreciate the speed of iteration & hope these inputs are taken into consideration by the team, come the next homepage design sprint.

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