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9 General Principles for Good Website Design!

9 General Principles for Good Website Design!

Well, good website design often comes from different expert areas. It’s not a one-step process, you can never design good websites from shortcut steps. After taking a graduate class named “” we had a long discussion in the class after which we came up with the 9 general principles with the help of which you can improve or design good websites (It’s like a formula of design). We should always focus on these key aspects i.e. and for designing a website. Follow the below discussed 9 general principles and make your websites usable, aesthetic, friendly, engaging to use.

1. Easy Navigation

This is one of the most important features or a principle that you must keep in mind and implement while you are designing a website. According to the survey conducted by they found that “”. It’s true because if your site is hard to navigate, nothings easily available in the first place, then things might not go smoothly. . Don’t worry I have some tips for easy website navigation.

  • Keep the as simple as possible with
  • the drop-down menu options
  • Follow or use the user’s language for naming the options. Don’t use jargons
  • Avoid inside the website

, and yourself how to implement the above tips by looking at some of the best websites available out there. For example, — Google. I will use the same example in most of this tutorial. Because why not it’s one of the best website/application on the planet.

Home page of my Gmail

Everything in the above screenshot is easy to understand, navigate, and this website follows all the tips I have listed above. Go check it out.

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