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7 Tips for Using UI Inspiration Effectively. | by Jaskaran Singh | May, 2021

7 Tips for Using UI Inspiration Effectively. | by Jaskaran Singh | May, 2021

Internet is full of inspiration, from Dribbble to Behance there are tons of UI inspiration but more than 70% of it is just copy-paste.. so it is necessary to learn how you can use it effectively.

Inspiration is not the want, it is the need of designers.

Many designers just copy-paste design to learn how to design but in reality, they filled up all these inspiration sites with UI that looks good but doesn’t function properly.. which inspire me to write this article to teach how I use UI inspiration for learning and inspiring my creativity.

1. Search what you really want.

as I said the internet is full of design, if you just surf around without knowing your goal of inspiration you’ll eventually pick hundreds of UI for inspiration that you don’t actually need. so always decide your goal before going to find the inspiration.

for example, if you wanted to take inspiration for your next music player app just google search it ( anything + UI Design inspiration).

2. Save them Offline/Online

save a design you like the most from the internet, save inside the dribbble folder, or on your phone.

Personally, I use to store my favorite UI design inspiration inside my phone or laptop as it doesn’t need internet to fetch them so I can work on them offline.

3. Filter them

After saving them all I put some minutes or sometimes an hour to filter out my inspiration.

I set my filter guide, that I need this or that from a UI design and then I just filter them with a relaxed mind.

Filteration takes a lot of time and it is very important for finding really something useful.

Note: don’t try to find new design as you filtering, as it means that you’re collecting and throwing garbage at the same time. It just mess up your work.

4. Break them down

After filtering all your saved inspiration, break the UI which means extract elements, colors, typography, animation, illustrations you like from those UI designs.

Breaking the UI will help you learn various things you might miss when you first saw it. By dividing deeper into the UI elements, you’ll learn why the designer created this element, why he chose that styling, etc. Which eventually helps you to learn more about UI design.

5. Note the important points.

After breaking the UI down it is crucial to write down notes, writings down various things about the UI helps a designer to remember the points.

Personally, when I start breaking down the UI design.. I also start writing notes in a notepad or notes app on my phone so that I’ll remember the pro and cons of the UI design.

I write 3 positive breakpoints that I like about the design as well as 3 negative breakpoints that I wanted to improve if I was designing that particular UI, this trick helps me to think out of the box sometimes.

Send a message or comment on some things you wanted to improve in that particular design, as it’ll help you to build friendship and connection with pro and expert designers.

6. Steal the Work

After lots of research try to put them in your design. Don’t copy-paste the exact elements as there are many designers outside who are doing this, instead steal the work.

Stealing means copying something and then adding your own thing to it, you can add anything you like that makes the whole thing more beautiful and attractive.

Stealing is like Pro Copy.

Also, you can combine several things from different designs together to make a much more beautiful UI design.

Initially, I try to copy from various designers and pasting all of their work into my single design which literally makes the design unique.

If you’re a beginner or starters, I recommend you to start with this trick, copying from several designers.

Copying from one is plagiarism, copying from more than one is research.

7. Practice it daily.

Try to practice it daily or Regularly, initially, I practice it daily but now I practice it weekly.

It all depends on your time and preferences, but the main thing is that you have to practice it daily.

Practice making a man perfect.

Bonus: Some Sites I go for Inspiration.

There is no fixed site for inspiration. You can just google it as google is the beat for searching anything it’ll just recommend you the best result possible, but if you have some experience with searching, you can also use other sites.

as well as social media sites are also great, for example, Pinterest and Instagram. Follow some pages on Instagram for daily updates.

Thanks for reading.

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