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5 Tips to Build Your Network as a UX Designer During a Pandemic | by Parinaz Kassemi | Apr, 2021

5 Tips to Build Your Network as a UX Designer During a Pandemic | by Parinaz Kassemi | Apr, 2021

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We’ve heard it time and time again. The key to landing the job you want is to expand your network. You could be the world’s best designer, but if your work isn’t getting to the eye of the hiring manager, how are you going to get hired? So I wonder, how do you get started as a UX designer during a pandemic when you can’t network? Below, I have listed five resources that I have found very useful to help Network during the pandemic.

  1. LinkedIn

This one is a no-brainer. Build up your social media presence on LinkedIn as much as you can. Watch YouTube videos on how professionals utilize LinkedIn’s special features. Take courses. Write Articles. AND reach out to other UX Designers! People love meeting new people or taking about their experiences! If you’re curious, there is so much to learn from others, so I encourage you to just go for it and start reaching out to people. The worst they can do is say no!

2. Clubhouse

I really cannot emphasize Clubhouse enough. While it is only available for Apple users at this moment, if you have an iPhone, you should really try to get onto Clubhouse. It’s the easiest and quickest way to get people who are passionate about UX around you and ask them questions. The UX community on Clubhouse seems to be exceptionally willing to help so I really recommend taking advantage of that and connecting with designers on there. You can also link to your Instagram and Twitter page, which is another wonderful way to network and grow your UX network.

3. Slack Channels

The most useful of all is probably getting onto a local Slack Channel. Typically, Slack Channels will have a Job Board as well, so you can search through that and see who is hiring or inquire that you’re looking for a role as well. The more communities you’re part of, the more resources you will be exposed to and the more you can grow your network. Here’s a list of Slack Channels to check out.

4. See if your community offers a Hackathon

Many cities have a Hackathon, where you can participate and meet other people in your industry. They will more than likely be remote, but it’s a great way to meet people in your community and get your name out there as a UX designer. You can also try to connect with the leadership at the Hackathon and see if you can find any mentorship through that as well.

5. Conferences

I have only been in the industry for a short amount of time, but I have found so many online webinars that have been hosted over the last few months. Subscribe to Figma, Adobe, etc…Get onto your favorite podcaster’s newsletter and stay open to hearing about opportunities. Participate in as many as you can and be open to connecting with people.

I hope you find some of these resources useful! I have found that the best tool is sometimes just to talk to your friends/current network and let them know. Chances are, they know someone who knows someone who might work at a place that you want to work (or pretty close). Just be open to meet new people and don’t be afraid of hearing no! Wishing you the best of luck on your journey! 🙂

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