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5 Signs That You Need a Redesign. A short guide on how to identify, that… | by The Room | Jan, 2021

5 Signs That You Need a Redesign. A short guide on how to identify, that… | by The Room | Jan, 2021

A short guide on how to identify, that you need to make a complete visual refreshment to make your business grow

C: The time has come and now I know, that we need a full redesign.

TR: Okay, cool! When was your current design created and if you’re planning to add new functionality to the app?

C: Yes, of course! We’ve invented 3 new features and now we’re ready to change the design, that was created 5 years ago.

The redesign is a very individual service, but most of the people usually either wait too long before making a redesign (and this waiting can be critical, especially if we’re talking about mobile and web apps) or can’t stop making redesigns, that also influences user behavior and brand development not in the best way. That’s why we’ve decided to write about 5 sings, that can help you catch “just the right moment” to make a UI/UX refreshment.

Website redesigned in TheRoom

Sign 1: Bounce rate is growing

In this case, the true reason in most cases is that your UX isn’t good enough. Bounce rate in most of cases is not about the visual part (however, it is still extremely important), but about the user experience. If it’d be simple and interesting using your app, the bounce rate wouldn’t be that high.

To improve the situation, it’s better to analyze an audience, check all the feedback and make a full redesign of the interface. Start from the very beginning and include in the redesign:

  • UX Research with the market, users and best practices analyses;
  • The new list of functions and screen map;
  • UI design;
  • New branding and graphic design elements.
Website redesigned in TheRoom

Sign 2: You have a design, made on the template or by the developer

You need a unique and fully custom UI/UX design. In this case, it will be enough to conduct best practices analyses, pick good references and make a new UI design, that will be presenting your brand with its advantages to the market.

Sign 3: You just recently heard of a new cool service in your niche

Keeping your hand on the pulse of the market is important, but you need to work with iterations: make a redesign, gather feedback, see new UI/UX in action and proceed to the next redesign. Usually, this process never stops especially if you’ve started from the MVP stage and need to expand functionality. So, if you’re a growing product, most likely, the best solution is to have a design team, that can always help you.

Mobile app redesigned in TheRoom

For the case, when you need a redesign to improve the users experience and grow on the market, you can make a step-by-step redesign and move from one flow to another. The redesign is always a stress for your users, so you can make it slightly. The most important thing is to conduct the deep analyses of the full design solution with the designer to define the workflow and iterations. As once you’ll start step-by-step improvements, the redesign will be happening until it is 100% completed.

Sign 4: Your last refreshment was more than 1,5 years ago

First of all, users may be tired by one design solution. Secondly, your competitors are working on design improvement, once you change nothing. At the same time, new solutions are appearing on the market. Thirdly, are you sure there are no changes, you’d like to share with the community, happening with your company in 1,5 years time frame?

App redesigned in TheRoom

It is not obligatory to have to be a full redesign, but a visual refreshment is required. Adding no functionality won’t make development expensive, but you will start earning more leads, partners and clients instead.

Sign 5: You gathered enough of users feedback: and it was not that good

Depending on the users’ feedback, you will be able to understand (or design team will suggest you) what adjustments are required. Nowadays, many people hire designers just for this “audition document” and then work on the design themselves. How do you think about how often it brings good results? Almost never.

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