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4 Practical Rules for Great UI Design

4 Practical Rules for Great UI Design

Nowadays there is lots of conversation around design as a functional component in a product. It’s crucial to optimize for functionality, but sometimes in the process, we neglect the importance of beauty. Creating aesthetically beautiful products does not only bring joy but ultimately makes your users fall in love with your product.
Although visual design as a discipline takes years to master, there are certain rules that everyone, regardless of their role and level, can start using today. By the end of this article, you’ll be confident enough to identify and advise on visual improvements for all things in and outside of the office.

A well-built visual design can not only bring delight but also function to your project. By using important components like typography, color, composition, and others you can emphasize important pieces of information and highlight key areas. Think of design as a laser you can use to focus one’s attention on and bring clarity to chaotic information.

What can I expect?
To build a compelling design you need to learn four main components, which are derived from the scientifically proven design theory. Let’s go through them one by one and look at some examples in the process:

I. Proximity
Just like in life, logically close components should be physically close together.

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