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Google Ads Launches New Summary Views User Interface

Google Ads Interface Is Down & We're Back

Google Ads announced a new summary view interface with the goal of making “it easier for you to manage your campaigns.” The new views include performance at a glance, performance custom recommendations, quick create and edit campaigns and a quick way to manage your keywords.

The summary view shows you a simplified version of your account. You’ll see all the campaigns you’ve created, as a list of cards. Each card gives you a quick view of your ads, performance, and status. The Summary view can be helpful if you have a smaller number of campaigns.

To access additional features under “Tools & settings” click the switch view icon switch view icon found within the user interface.

Here are screenshots of the Google Ads summary view:

View performance at a glance, this GIF shows campaign card expanding and showing performance at a glance:

Improve performance with custom recommendations. This example custom recommendation “Expand your reach with Google search partners.”

click for full size

Create and edit campaigns in the summary view:

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Manage keywords in one place:

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